From Green Crop to Green Cup

We import green coffee from all over the world. We roast all of our coffees to order in our own factory in Los Angeles. Every bag of Euro Coffee is packed and sealed while still warm from roasting. This attention to quality ensures that Euro Coffee is surprisingly fresh and delightfully aromatic when you brew it.

Our partners in this company are the growers who provide us with the outstanding products they toil so hard to produce. We try to be both environmental in our approach to roasting coffee and in the coffees we buy. We use both vintage and high-tech coffee roasters which are equipped with the most modern catalyzed air cleaning systems available. This technology produces less than half the carbon footprint of a traditional afterburner.

The farmers who provide us with the bulk of our coffees also use time tested traditional methods to grow, harvest and process their beans. We feel that being socially responsible includes charging a fair price for our coffee without taking advantage of anyone, including the consumer.

Many new, and old established, roasters have joined the trend of charging breathtaking prices for their not-so-breathtaking coffee. We are able to deliver a superior product at great prices by keeping our overhead low. We have no advertising budget, no marketing guru, no corporate jets, no board of directors and no debt to finance. We do have a loyal staff of the best employees. We have great farmers growing coffee for us and we have a loyal following of customers.